We all want to let go. We know we should let go of our tired old stories, habitual feeling states and relationships and activities that are long past their sell-by date. Our friends might even tell us ‘you should let that go’.

Yet the harder we try to let go, the more elusive it seems to be. The Sedona Method is the technique for letting go. You will find that even the most stubborn feelings and ingrained stories about you, who you are and what’s possible for you can miraculously disappear, allowing you to access the freedom, effortlessness and peace that lies beneath them.

Benefits of using the Sedona Method


Let Go ... Sedona Method Coaching
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Gurmit Combo
Gurmit Combo
14:39 03 May 21
Recommended everybody to set aside some time from their very busy lives and "treat" themselves to some quality... time..with themselves courtesy of "Let Go...Sedona Method Facilitation" and the awesome Sally Underwood 🙂read more
Darren Saady
Darren Saady
13:21 21 Apr 21
Sally is an experienced and expert facilitator. She is also kind, warm and capable of getting to the bottom of any... issue with great compassion yet effectiveness.read more
Jim Bean17
Jim Bean17
17:00 04 Apr 21
Sally is a remarkable facilitator of the Sedona Method. Highly recommended!
Clare Goodwin
Clare Goodwin
15:24 01 Apr 21
Sally provides a safe space where 'all is welcome here'. My inner grudge, revenge and poor me gremlins have been... running the show. In the light of Sally's presence, these tendencies have become amusing little companions without much power.read more
claudia buchert
claudia buchert
09:32 29 Mar 21
Sally was very quick to grasp the issue that I wanted to resolve and supported me in finding a whole new perspective on... it. Soon after, all the stress associated with the problem just melted away and hasn't come back. brilliant experience!!read more
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Quieter mind | Experiencing emotions but not being hi-jacked or controlled by them | Past hurts, regret or mistakes loosen their grip | Releasing and dissolving tension in relationships.
| It’s easy to learn, and you can use it to feel freer and more at ease in any situation

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The only way to discover if the Sedona Method is right for you is by experiencing it.

What is it and how can it help you?

The Sedona Method is a simple, easy to learn way of feeling less stressed and more engaged in life. It works by allowing you to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that get in the way of experiencing the freedom, effortlessness and peace that is your natural state.

Your mind has breathtaking problem-solving and creative capacities. It also causes you no end of trouble. If you observe your thoughts, you find that they constantly doubt you, insult you and resist the world. They tell you that you shouldn’t or can’t do things you love to do and that you must do the things you don’t, and they have a habit of upending your best-laid plans.

This incessant mental activity is like going through life carrying an enormous boulder in your back. The commentary is so habitual, and we are so used to it that we think it is us.

After all, without the boulder, without the struggle to overcome, without the challenges and the suffering, who would we be? Sometimes we love that boulder more than we like to admit. Or we think we’re stuck with it – this is just how life is – so we had better like it …

We forget we can just drop it, set it down and walk away.

As we practice the Sedona Method, we discover that we can let a lot of this go, and it’s often much easier than we could ever have imagined.

Maybe you feel as if you are dragging a few rocks around with you through life and you already have a sense that things would be much better if you could just let go, drop the rocks and move on, unburdened by stories, judgements, predictions and beliefs.

Yet try as we might, it just doesn’t seem to happen.

This is because so many of us go about this the wrong way: we tend to focus on the rock, on the problem, or on the uncomfortable emotions. Maybe you ask yourself why it’s there, how you could have done things differently and how you can be sure things will be different in the future.

When we use the Sedona Method, we do the opposite of what we habitually do and this is why it’s so powerful. Read on to find out more.

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In 2014, The Sedona Method was recommended to me as a way of changing how I felt in stressful situations. Its impact has far exceeded that initial intention, and it has had a powerful, positive effect on every area of my life.

How does it work?

The Sedona Method is a radical departure from conventional self-help programs

We open to whatever is here, now

This Is the opposite of what we habitually do with our inner, emotional lives.  We normally judge whatever is here and then try to control it, ignore it, figure it out, find someone to blame, find someone to help and so on, and all this does Is keep us stuck …

With the Sedona Method, we start by welcoming, allowing, or even just acknowledging whatever is here and now.

All Is welcome here

… no matter how odd, embarrassing or even trivial what you are experiencing might seem, it is welcome here. You cannot get the Sedona Method wrong – whatever is coming up Into consciousness in any moment is here and It’s welcome and It’s ready to be let go.

And If you want to hold on, that Is also welcome.

There’s nothing wrong with you

We’re not pretending that aren’t big challenges facing us in our day-to-day lives and facing the planet we live on, nor are we denying that we prefer some outcomes and situations over others, but as you work with the Sedona Method, you will discover that at your core, you are, whole, complete and lack for nothing. This understanding is experiential rather than intellectual, so come and try the Method for yourself and see what you discover.

“I feel better, a lot lighter.. it seems to have suddenly gone…”

This what people say over and over again as we work through the process together.

Benefits I have experienced and seen many others enjoy –

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Let go of addictions (alcohol, trading, excessive phone use)
  • Increased initiative, leadership and creativity.

You already know how to let go. We just forget how to do it as adults.

The Sedona Method reconnects us with our natural ability
to experience emotions and allow them drop away.

The Sedona Method is featured and recommended in these books

Greatest secret
Existential kink
Trading Beyond the Matrix

Where does it come from?

The first Sedona Method was presented in 1974 in Sedona, Arizona. As you practice, it’s easy to feel how you are benefitting from its many years of development and the experiences of all those who have gone before you. Having been honed over the decades and lead by the skill and wisdom of Hale Dwoskin, the Method is very gentle, very easy to learn and open for everyone.

The Sedona Method is a secular (the non-dual approach is not a religion), so practitioners of all religions are very welcome. You may well find that using the method helps you deepen you spiritual or devotional practices.

Lester Created The Sedona Method to Save His Own Life

Lester LevensonIn 1952, at age 42, Lester, a physicist and successful entrepreneur, was at the pinnacle of worldly success, yet he was an unhappy, very unhealthy man…

Lester was a man who loved challenges. So, instead of giving up, he decided to go back to the lab within himself and find some answers …

“I began by asking myself, “What do I want out of life?” And the answer was happiness. Investigating further, I went into the moment when I was feeling happiest. I discovered something which to me was startling at the time. It was when I was loving that I was happiest. That happiness equated to my capacity to love rather than to being loved. That was a starting point.”

Lester Levenson

About me

Using the Sedona Method  has completely transformed how I see myself, see others and see the world.

Book a free of charge exploration session

The only way to discover if the Sedona Method is right for you is by experiencing it.

The Sedona Method is my core technique – just because it works so well. It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to the Method or if you have been releasing for years – it proves itself over and over again as the easiest way to free us from disturbances and stuck feelings and thought patterns.

I have a breadth of therapeutic and life experience which I bring into my work. This graphic summarizes the careers and training that I draw on to provide the facilitation that will best fit each individual client’s needs.


Sally Underwood is such a skilled and insightful facilitator using the Sedona Method. Her calm manner and soothing voice give me a deep feeling that I can trust her completely.
Thanks Sally, you’re so great at assisting me to let go and get on with the life and work I want.
  • Sally Underwood is such a skilled and insightful facilitator using the Sedona Method. Her calm manner and soothing voice give me a deep feeling that I can trust her completely. I've seen her work powerfully with beginners and experienced 'releasers' with equal effectiveness. I'm incredibly grateful for her support and recommend her coaching unreservedly. Thank you, Sally! Sydney Feb 2021
  • What a great Letting Go session with Sally today about 'mundane' house work and the lure of my smart phone. I walked during the releasing session and when I came home I wanted to hug my little house, and go inside and do my chores with joy(!). We released about how after 18 years of family life (dishes, pancakes, dishes, pancakes etc alongside work/business etc), I've been caught up in escaping from boring chores to my smart phone.
    Just this short session has made me excited about making my home simple and elegant and letting go of the micro-dramas of social media. I got to see and compare what I get from CNN/youtube/BBC and what I can in fact have from being present in my life and family and the adventure that unfolds when I'm there. I didn't realise I'd built up so much charge around this conflict-ridden aspect of my daily life. Thanks Sally, you're so great at assisting me to let go and get on with the life and work I want.
    Tim Feb 2021
  • Sally and I have been working together on helping me deal with my depression. I was hesitant to use The Sedona Method” as it seemed too simple—how could I “release” my feelings of depression. But, it worked. I understood how I could let go of my depressive thoughts through the questions Sally asked me. She’s a wonderful, talented facilitator of The Sedona Method. Linda, Feb 2021
  • Vielen Dank für dein wundervolles Coaching. Allein dein Sein, deine herzliche, offene, ehrliche und humorvolle Art der Begegnung ist schon so erfrischend, ermutigend und ein Gefühl von „Zuhause sein“ via 45 Minuten Zoom. WOW !!! Danke. Die Sedona Methode erinnert mich an viele andere Tools und ich bin immernoch, trotz eigener Erfahrung und Arbeit als Coach, überrascht, wie „einfach“ es sein kann, sich selbst auf die Schliche zu kommen, wenn einem die richtigen Fragen mit 100% Präsenz gestellt werden. Sally machte es mir wirklich leicht, tief und umarmend zugleich, mir selbst zu begegnen. Davon nutzniest jetzt mein Kind, meine Familie, meine Feunde und alles was mit mir in Beziehung ist. Alles so ziemlich Alles. Es ist nun schon einige Wochen her, doch ich spüre und höre immernoch ihre Energie und Worte: „Could you welcome that feeling......“ egal auf welche Widerstände und Herausforderungen ich so treffe. Danke für deine Unterstützung, noch mehr ins Empfangen, ins Ganz sein zu kommen. Jule, Berlin
  • I've had two recent sessions with Sally and she is a wonderful facilitator. With her gentle and skillful guidance I have quickly seen emotional constriction replaced with lightness and freedom. In the few weeks since our first session there has been a consistent deeper awareness and certainly increased capacity to navigate life's little challenges. Thank you Sally 🙏 Michael West
  • The Sedona method seems to be one of those techniques that properly helps us to get to the nub of things. Sometimes with other therapies we can tinker on the edges of our emotional responses to life, reluctant to avoid the uncomfortable, but Sedona encourages us to sit with our feelings and allow them, rather than find alternatives and ‘escapes’, and there is something true and usefully explorative in this. Sally’s non-judgmental style makes her the perfect therapist to sit with us through these allowing explorations.

    In my case, Sally and I also seem to have a similar sense of the ridiculous, and so were able to laugh at ourselves, and fondly observe the daftness of my humanity in the process. Personally, that worked very well for me. I would encourage all brave souls to have a go. You will not be disappointed’

    Love to all,


  • Hello Sally,
    I want to share with you something that happened to me a couple of days after the seminar, which was clearly triggered by the Sedona sessions you presented on Saturday. The very light way you referred to all the random and distracting 'thoughts' that come up loosened something for me that allowed some deep mental obstruction to move. Your voice is beautifully modulated and calming.
    I can't remember if I told you: I spent many years working on the Gurdgieff material and subsequently with former pupils of J G Bennett. I collected a huge amount of materials and terminology from all this but never made any breakthrough.
    On Monday I woke at about 06.30, after quite a good sleep. The first thing I noticed was emptiness, vastness and peace. My eyes remained closed and I was aware of immense space: a gently rolling, empty but not desolate, landscape. My mind was unusually clear of thoughts and any that came floated past without disturbing the sense of great, white space.
    I seemed to be there a long time, then the thought came. 'vast plane/plain'. I didn't know where from but had a vague memory of hearing it before. After a while, at about 06.55, I got up, still in the same space, and searched for the phrase. I found the Rilke poem and immediately recognised it from reading it some time ago. As I read it I could enter into the experience of the poem completely, because I had passed through that storm and the lonely place and now found the plain (plane).
    During the day, working on making the landing at the top of our staircase, I was able to revisit that plain several times. I 'see' it, experience it, through the eyes of the Heart; the Intellect steps back and there is almost no mentation. Subsequently I've been able to return 'there'. The key is, quietly, without forcing, to allow the internal dialogue to subside and centre in the Heart.
    Thank you for facilitating this 'opening'.